Top 5 Best Rom Com Anime of All Times | Ranked | Everything You Need To Know

By Nov 17, 2023 | friDAY

Here we are with top 5 rom com anime of all times. You surely have to watch this if you love anime >>

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Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku

Love between grownups and high schooler are bit complex and Wotakoi perfectly displays that.


My Dress-Up Darling

Dress up darling is a cute rom com story when a girl with a cosplay hobby fall for a boy who designs costumes for her.


Maid Sama!

Misaki Ayuzawa takes her role of student council seriously, but she is breaking a rule by working at a maid cafe. Check the plot when her classmate finds out.. They develop connection.


Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

When both have feelings for each other, but they both want to dominate the relationship, story takes a fun route. By far this is the best.



Can't miss Horimiya when we talk about best rom com anime. It is the best high school rom com anime of all time. Just watch it if you haven't.


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Top 5 Best Rom Com Anime of All Times | Ranked 

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