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By  Nov 22, 2023 | wednesDAY

most underrated The Weeknd Songs 

All Weeknd songs are great. They have deep meaning, sick beats, and some catchy tune that goes in head. Lets explore more unheard songs >>

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After Hours

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The time when you are losing your faith in it, and this feeling is all captured in here.




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The song released in 2017, is actually over some trends on social media. Listen to this, It worth it.


My Dear Melancholy


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Of course its Kissland. The song often gets left out or overlooked. Just listen to it, then we will talk.


Less Than Zero

Dawn FM

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This song has that catchy 90s tune to it. And you literally can't stop singing this whole damn day.


After Hours

After Hours

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''Where are you now, when I need you most?' You can feel the lyrics in you. This is master piece.' 

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Top 5 Most Underrated The Weeknd Songs By

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