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By  Nov 14, 2023 | TuesDAY

netflix most watch tv show by the end of 2023

Netflix came up with quite the shows in 2023, but we have some dominating views overall from previous shows. Lets check out >>

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The Witcher

Overall : 83M

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Well The Witcher has 3 seasons and ranks when counted the list for most viewed series in 2023.



Overall : 103M

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This is a English fantasy show held in the some what 16 century. 


Queen's Gambit

Overall : 112M

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Well you have to have watch this chess show. Its brilliant.


Stranger Things

Overall : 140M

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The another dimensions story, when the portal opens into parallel world. Season 4 become most watch in 2023. Wait for the 5th.



Overall : 252M

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Wednesday, the horror comedy show, after its release made quite the social media trend and become the most watch show in 2023.

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Top 5 Most Watch Netflix Shows By The End Of 2023 

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