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By fun-meme.com Nov 16, 2023 | thursDAY

Spy family

Spy X Family was the top trending anime in 2022 with the release of season 1 part 1 and later that year it streamed part 2 for season 1.

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Fans went crazy with the story line and how can you forget Anya Forger. We think she is more popular than the series itself. Well now we are here with season 2 >>

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You have to have subscription of Crunchyroll or Hulu for both subbed and dubbed version.

Where To Watch Season 2 ??

Netflix also is streaming Spy X Family, but you will get the subbed version. But watching subbed version, gives you proper feels of the language. 

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Manga is running far ahead of the series. Currently 12th volume is ongoing in Manga, with over 89 chapters published.

Manga  Updates

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Season 1 of Spy x Family covers up to volume 7 of Manga and Season 2 currently ongoing. Season 2 will have total of 26 episodes.

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Where To Watch Spy X Family Season 2 | Manga Updates & More

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